We (Cityscape Enterprises Inc., Cityscape) are concerned about your private information which is submitted to our servers, gets shared with our partners, used to contact you with any offers/deals, used to build statics or is part of any website functionality. We take reasonable measures to protect this information and at same time, you have to take the time to understand how the information is used, potential security risks and what you can do to protect your information and what to do in the event of any security breach. This Privacy Policy (Policy or policy) applies to all users of this website, either registered to get information/offers from our services, or users who submit, download, use any form of website content, in any shape or form.

This Policy, along with Terms of Use Agreement available on this site state the policies, terms and conditions (also referred to as “Terms”, “Conditions” or “terms and conditions”) for gaining access to this site, visiting the site, use of any content on the site and use of this site in any manner. User (“Your”) acceptance of the Terms is indicated once you access and start to use this site and as such you are unconditionally bound by these policies, terms and conditions. If you find any of the policies, terms and conditions unacceptable, you must stop using and accessing the site. This Policy may be revised at any time, for any reason and without prior notice, simply by updating this posting and any changes would become effective immediately. Once any part of this Privacy Policy is modified, further use of this web site will imply your acceptance and agreement of revised policies. It is your responsibility to review this page on a regular basis and if you do not agree with any changes made in the future, you must stop using the site and remove any uploaded or submitted content.

We, knowingly, do not collect any information from users under 18 years of age and as such, anyone under 18 years of age, should not use or create an account on this website or provide any personal information to us. If you are aware of any such account, please notify us and we will remove that account.


Information Collected

We do not collect any personal information such as name, email address, phone or address, without your permission. You are free to browse and use the majority of the website features without having to submit any personal registers, creation of any account or providing any personal information. So, if you would prefer to not submit any personal information, you have the option to not create a user account.

There are certain features like sign up for offers from our advertisers, partners, need for an account to get a business listing, become a business location for digital screen advertising, upload any content like coupons, flyers, advertisement, submit any comments, feedback, reviews. Information collected will vary depending on account type. All such features will require creation of an online account with accurate personal or business information, such as name, address, phone, email, business locations, type of account (personal, business, advertiser, Ad Location), credit card info, business details, business operation date, hours, categories, type of offers that you would like to receive, other users under same account, etc. As part of this account creation, we may ask for some mandatory and some optional information such as age, gender, interests, acceptance of mailers from this website. This information will be stored on our servers and some of this may be shared with our partners, advertisers as part marketing campaigns where they may contact you with their product or service offerings. Our partners may use this information as per their own Privacy Policies. You agree that you will provide accurate, complete and valid information and you will update your account profile if there are any changes in the future.

You will be able to review and update your account profile by logging in to your account; however, it can take a few hours before the changes do take effect.

The website will collect generic information provided by your connection software (Brower, Mobile App) which is normally available, such as, your IP address, information about your provider, geographical location, language, type of connection, connection speed, referring search engine or website, date, time, etc. This information by itself does not identify the person using the website but can be unique. We would collect this information to build statistical models of types of users, number of users, type of connection, geographical breakdown of users, track top queries, etc. This information is not used to isolate any specific user but is more of an aggregated data.

Like many other websites, we use “cookies” to identify your browser which allows the website servers to auto-fill some information, remember user login credentials, preferences, etc. The main intention is to improve user experience and cookies are generally accepted by default by most web browsers. If you like to turn this option off, please see help pages on your browser. Once cookies are disabled, certain website features may not work as expected. Information collected via the browser is also used by web analytics software to provide us with user trends like amount of time spent on certain pages, user flow through the pages, new users, returning users, access to the website from specific pages, etc. Again, cookies are used by the analytics software to gather and track this type of information.

Along with coupons, flyers, listings, the website interacts with Advertising Platforms/Partners to put Advertisements on various pages, banners, etc. Again, these platforms use cookies to gather information on which ad has been shown how many times, click rates, etc.


Use of Collected Information

All statistical, aggregated information is used by this website to see which services, products, features are working well, which need improvements, which features need to be added, create more services/features tailored more closely to our user base. Other use of this type of information is to improve, speed up user interaction with the website and present information based on your preferences. User statistics will also be used to provide data to advertisers of the website, so they can adjust their advertisement campaigns, know the numbers of users visiting the website, have a geographical breakdown, etc.

Personal information collected as part of account creation will be used as credit check, any payment transaction processing as per your purchase of services or products from this website, send offers targeted based on your purchase history or preferences, collect survey info, send out information on new services, send out e-mailers, etc. You have the option to opt out of mailers, alerts or promotional materials.

Any financial information like credit cards will be part of a financial transaction processed by third party financial service providers and use of that information will be subject to their Terms and Conditions. We have no control over use of this information and as such, accept no liability on actions of such third parties.

You are responsible to make sure the account information is accurate and update if there are any changes. In the event, a company or business account is created with multiple users, all Policies will apply to all users and the company.

All user posted messages will remain on the website, even if the user account is terminated. We will remove all your posted content such as Coupons, Flyers, Advertisements but our database will maintain your account information as it may be required for any outstanding payments, fraud, legal actions, enforcements of any Policies or Terms, disputes, technical support, software upgrade, etc. Any information sent to financial institutions will remain in their databases.


Stored Personal Information Security Risks

Even though we take reasonable steps to protect data stored on our servers and restrict access to authorized personnel, potential always exists for breaks in personnel and software security. This website may and will run on servers/computers located outside of Canada. It is not possible to have fully secure systems which are used over various connection means over the Internet and data transmission which can be intercepted by unauthorized parties. So, you must assume any and all risks with use of this website and storage of your personal/business data on website servers. You should take steps to protect your password, change password, make the password secure and inform us if you detect or suspect any security breach.


Information Disclosure and Third Party Access

Personal information collected from our Users is generally not shared with third-parties, unless required by law, part of any legal proceeding involving Cityscape, enforcement of website Policies and Terms, fraud or illegal activity investigation or suspicion of User involvement. We may share this information at our own discretion without the need of any Court order or any legal requirement, based on laws and regulations of British Columbia (BC), Canada.

All information collected as statistical data and not considered personally identifiable as noted above, can and will be shared as per needs of our business, with our advertisers, partners and analytics team. We do not control the use of information provided to any third party and any actions they may take in regards to such data. Users take full responsibility to review Privacy Policies of all websites which may be directly or indirectly linked to this site. Cityscape has no control over websites which collect personal information via cookies or solicitation messages placed or linked on this website.

In the event, Cityscape Enterprises Inc. has a change of ownership in any form, all user data may be transferred to a different entity, subject to policies noted herein and all applicable laws and regulations.


Product or Service or Company Reviews

As part of new functionality which gets added overtime, this website may allow features to post comments or reviews of services or businesses working with this website. These postings have no association, endorsement, or opinion associated with Cityscape in any shape or form. All posted comments must be in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of this website. All postings are public domain, can be used by anyone on the internet and all information posted will be visible to all. We may use this data in any shape or form as we see fit as part of our business.


Questions, Comments or Concerns?

If you have any questions, comments or concerns on any part of this Policy or Terms, please contact us via email listed on the website. We will endeavor to address your concerns in a timely manner.