Health and Nutrition Facts of Drinking Wine

While some people take wine for pleasure, others take it due to its health benefits. You might not have known this, but some or most of the wines, especially the red wines, have healthy benefits to your life. Some of the healthy chemical components found in wines include resveratrol, antioxidants, polyphenols and flavonoids.

There are also several minerals and vitamins present in wine. A glass of wine provides you with the following to boost your nutritional needs: 1% Thiamine, 1% vitamin K, 3% Riboflavin, 4% vitamin K and 2% niacin. Moreover, it provides the following mineral requirements for adults: 1% zinc, 1% copper, 1% calcium, 4% magnesium, 4% iron, 5% potassium, 10% manganese and 3% phosphorus.

The above benefits mostly apply for red wine. White wine on the other hand provides lower levels of carbohydrates, which would be around 2.6 per serving. Never the less, white wine provides nutritional needs such as 3% magnesium, 3% vitamin B2, 3% niacin, 3% vitamin B6 and 1% riboflavin. It also has traces of zinc, phosphorus, potassium and calcium.

Since red wine turns of to be more beneficial to your compared to white wine, we are going to look at its benefits in details.

Red wine contains:

1. Antibiotics which are very helpful in preventing heart disease and cancer as well as raising the level of HDL to lower cholesterol level. This helps in protecting your arteries. The antibiotics also help in the treatment of common cold because they protect the cells against any harmful effects.

2. Flavonoids/ bioflavonoids, which mostly exist in plants. This plays a big role in preventing growth of tumor and removing carcinogens. All this is possible due to the select enzymes created during fermentation process.

3. Resveratrol; helps in preventing damage of blood vessels, reduces bad cholesterol as well as assists in preventing blood clots. Other possible health benefits of resveratrol are reducing inflammation, protecting you from type-2 diabetes, helps in preventing heart diseases as well as other chronic diseases. Moreover, resveratrol inhibits beta-amyloid protein from forming and this in turn prevents brain plaque for those with Alzheimer’s.

4. Polyphenols; help in coating and protecting the lining of the blood vessels within the heart.

The higher level of these chemicals in red wine makes it very good for the health. The compounds actually exist in the skins of the grapes, which are always very important during red wine production. Consider trying out red wine if you haven’t yet.

Benefits of red wine against arthritis

For the long-term wine drinkers, red wine may help in lowering your chances of contacting rheumatoid arthritis. A Swedish study report in 2012 showed that there are some components of red wine, which could prevent rheumatoid arthritis from developing by regulating the autoimmune responses. This, as a result, inhibits the creation of the chemicals, which cause inflammations like the ones resulting from rheumatoid arthritis. The researchers actually believe that alcohol would help in reducing the actions and properties of cytokines, which are the proteins involved in intercellular communication.

However, the number of components in the wine will depend on the variety of the grape, the vintage, and even the appellation or region.

Health Benefits of Red Wine To Women

In a certain study, it was discovered that the seed and skin of the red grapes for making red wine contain some chemical properties, which were capable of reducing the level of estrogen in females. Estrogen is a hormone, which can induce the growth of cancerous cells in pre-menopausal women. These benefits were witnessed in women who took eight glasses of wine daily for about 30 days.

All in all, not everyone would go for wine for pleasure and also not all would go for its benefits. There would always be a mix of intentions and so you should be aware of the kind of wine you are drinking. Know its origin, its content, and all the relevant information. This would help you drink safe. However, this does not mean that you should consume excess wine to encounter more of the benefits, as it would rather result to very harmful effects.

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